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hey dave ... I know EXACTLY what your going through ... I have suffered with ingrown hairs / razor bumps that turn into zits when I shave 4 a long time ... I finally am starting to get it under control...

YES ... shaving with the hair instead of against it will cause less ingrown hairs and bumps ... but the thing is you don't get nearly as close of a shave when you do ... I use a mach 3 turbo as well and I just have to shave more often (like every other day) to keep looking smooth ... not a big price to pay if you don't want razor bumps :)

Also, try using aveeno theraputic shave gel if you don't already ... it is a great shaving gel that soothes my skin and doesn't sting or irritate which makes less bumps (for me anyway) ...

And finally, I have found that by using a gentle , exfoliating scrub every couple of days, it gets rid of the dead skin on my face and that in turn also causes less razor bumps ... I guess the dead skin blocks you from getting a closer shave and causes the ingrown hairs ... I'm not sure what the reason is but I know that now that I use my scrub (I use DDF Acne Pumice Scrub with 2.5 % Benzoyl Peroxide), I have less bumps and ingrown hairs ... not COMPLETELY gone, but these few simple steps have dramatically cut down the # of bumps and zits after I shave ... hope this helps some :)

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