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Hi, I'm 26. My story is as follows:

Had moderate acne during my last few years at school, mostly on my face but occasionally on my back. Over the years it started getting better.

My face doesn't really cause me any hassles anymore. I still get a few zits but overall, it is pretty clear but now to my next problem! About 6 years ago, I noticed a lumps on both my shoulders (about 6 on each), I assumed they would go away but they never have. I have been to doctors, dermatologists and finally found out a name, they are called keloids. They are a build up of scar tissue, itch occasionally and are lumpy and a bit red. I have had injections, used scar gel sheets but to no avail! I really hate them and the derm said there was pretty much nothing I could do? Has anyone got keloids and if so any advice?

I thought that was my only problem but now all of a sudden (well probably since about 4 months ago), I have started getting acne again all over my shoulders and I don't know why. I haven't had acne there for years! (except for the odd zit). What can I do?? I have been using Clean and Clear body wash and have just started putting teatree pimple gel on them. I also started taking Diane-35 2 months ago but so far it hasn't helped, I am really hoping that it might after a bit more time. Does anyone know? I would love any advice or comments, thanks for taking the time to read this!

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