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started to break out again :( so decided to use head & shoulders as was in bathroom anyhows, so thought why not! ( should mention im using it on my face and body )

i usually use mild soaps or dettol soap, if i keep changing from antibacerial soap to mild soap every couple of weeks, it normally keeps my skin fairly clear.

was wondering if anyone in here could tell me if they have tryed using head & shoulders to clear the acne? I think youre meant to use the classic normal one with zinc in it, its the one ive been using the past 2 days.

after i have used it my skin does feel a bit dry and tight, but is ok after putting on nivea lotion. anyhows any input on this would be appreciated very much

byes 4 now, beat box kid ;)
Yes, it works! I use it on my hair and as a body wash for my back and chest. I also use it as a spot treatment for my face. It is VERY DRYING so make sure you use a good moisturizer or lotion. When using it as a spot treatment, after it dries, I use either vit. E oil or emu oil just on those spots. I use the "normal" h&s in the shower and have a small sample bottle of the stronger stuff (blue bottle) in my makeup bag. I have also used it (in the beginning) as a "lotion" all over my upper back. After showering and drying off, I rubbed it on, then used vit E oil. It doesn't bleach clothing like other over the counter stuff does. I found, however, that I needed to rinse off in the morning because the summer heat and sweating made my upper back very red and the dryness worse. I guess with things like this you learn from experience.

I had tried just about every over the counter product out there with no help and finally did a search online and found out about the head & shoulders fix. I've been using it for about a year now and I am very pleased with the results.
cheers for youre input on it,

i was wondering which type of head & shoulders would be the best?

i bought a bottle for myself the this morning, blue/white bottle with normal for men wrote on it. the other bottle i was using just said classic normal.

i read the ingriedients and both bottles seemd excatly the same, its jsut the bottle i have bought has been giving a a new look.

does it really make any odds which type of head & shgoulders shamppoo you use, as long as it contains the zinc it shouldnt really matter should it?
I use the normal h&s in the shower for my hair and also as a body wash, but have a small sample size bottle of the stronger stuff (it's in a blue bottle, but I think it's intensive care or something like that, just has more zinc) in my makeup bag just for spot treatment.
**There is an acne web site that has many posts on using h&s. I'm not sure if I can list it here or not, so just do a search for acne, head n shoulders shampoo. It is the first one to come up on the search engine that I use.
Ziny Pyrithione is a broad spectrum antiseptic with residual action.... using it would be like washing with a soap containing triclosan or triclocarban.... not bad for acne, but not the most potent either

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