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Hey all, I am just a mess!! I am 35 years old. My skin was actually pretty good. I had some acne, but nothing that a little cover up wouldn't take care of. I also had the nasty white heads on my chin. Nothing a dermo gave me worked. So I tried proactiv when i was about 25. It was awesome. It made my skin look awesome and even got rid of the white heads. Well, when i was 29, about 7 months after my daughter was born, i noticed i was getting these disgusting dark patches all over my face (I was not on the pill). So i went to the dermo, they said it was melasma (from hormones of having a child) and they gave me some $100 cream that didn't work. so i gave up. then i didn't think the proactiv was working anymore, so i stopped using that. Is it possible to become immune to it after a long time? Anyway, then i had some more kids and my melasma is just horrible. My face looks like a big dirtball. So i went for lazer treatment and the lady burned my face so bad that i have scars from that. Also, i have horrible red scars, popped blood vessels and the pitted skin by my chin (from acne when i was 18-22). My face is just a mess. I have tried everything and anything and it just makes it all worse. To top it off, about 4 months ago I went off the pill and i started breaking out again. and not just small break outs, HUGE break outs. Its especially bad on one side of my face. I am talking 10 huge ones (with white heads) and ingound ones that make my face lopsided. they are also all over my chin along with my whiteheads. Course i went to the dermo, the $100 cream doesn't work. I have had 3 chemical peels, and there is no difference in my scars, my acne or my melasma. I am considering trying proactiv again. I have tons left over, but they expired a year ago. Does that matter? Anywho, I also have read on here about camellia oil by Silkia. I bought some of that but haven't recieved it yet. will that make me break out? I want to combat everything if possible. I suppose i care about them in this order:
1. acne
2. melasma
3. popped blood vessels
4. pits.

any miracle workers out there? Does anyone know where i can buy a new head? My friend had that dermabrasion done, where they took some layers off her face. It was gross-her face pussed and she looked like she had no skin. In the end, her pits look the same. I can't tell any difference. There HAS to be something?

Thank you for listening to me rant....It just really kills my self esteem...

thanks again!

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