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Funny you should say that... I too noticed it. I did cut out milk and yogurt, never ate ice cream anyway...and have very little cheese. It did help some. But still I get cysts regardless. So yes... cows milk, hormones.. bad.

[QUOTE=Oceanus;3412557]May I suggest [B]removing dairy from your diet[/B] for a month and see if this helps? I have read and found first hand that significantly decreasing the amount of milk I consume helped clear up my face. I no longer suffer from adult acne with cysts, as I used to. But at times I do get blotchy red spots that don't look good, but they aren't painful like I know cysts are. I stopped eating ice-cream and stopped drinking milk for 2 months and this really seemed to make a difference. I have read the hormones in milk causes increased oil production in the skin and can cause acne. And it does not matter if it's organic milk or not. Every type of cow's milk has hormones in it that causes the oil production. I went back to eating ice-cream and drinking milk about 1 month ago and noticed my face got worse again. So now I have started weening myself off of them again, but not completely stopping all dairy, just most milk products (no milk in the house or ice-cream).

I have found that doing [B]acupuncture[/B] helped me a lot too. I used to get regular treatments of it and noticed my cystic acne would start clearing up within a couple days after treatment. I used to go through periodic episodes of severe OBs that would linger for weeks and nothing would make them go away, except when I tried acupuncture. I disliked having the needles in my face, but the results were DEFINITELY worth it! It helped with my back pain so I decided why not try it on my face for the acne, and it was a great find. I think I had severe OBs because of stress in school. Mind you, I got adult onset acne too, never had bad acne as a teenager. It got worse with age.[/QUOTE]

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