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Hello everyone. I'm actually on the board looking up accutane because my daughter is about to undergo treatment. I am 45 and since age 11 have suffered through cystic acne. I've tried everything but accutane-EVERYTHING. I did antibiotics, creams, gels, 6 different birth conrol pills, even yasmin BC that made my acne worse and my blood pressure soar. I decided to try Spiroaldactone (aldactone) one more time and really stick with it. I have been on 200 mgs. a day for 2 years. This drug, in my opinion, needs to be taken at that dose to work. Ladies, it's a miracle for me. My face is perfectly clear and has been for a year or more. The hair on my face and I have DARK hair is much thinner and I have no new growth. I must tell you that to see the true effects, you've got to be committed to this drug for a long time 6-8 months. I don't have oily skin anymore. I can now apply sunscreen, which use to make my acne worse and wear makeup all day. I would not post on this board if I did not have these results and felt it was not valuable information. I wanted my daughter to try it, but the doctor wants her to use accutane. Another point I have to add is this is a long term drug. The effects go away if you stop taking it. I have had no side effects from it either. Good luck to you all!

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