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I saw the dermatologist for years, treatments ranging from glycolic peels, oral antibiotics, accutane, ect., all of which might have slightly improved from time to time but was always still considered pretty bad acne. After I had my second child is when the cystic acne began, (I never had acne before this). My dermatologist never brought up the fact that hormones were a possible problem. I, not having any idea that anything was wrong with my female organs procrastinated seeing my gynecologist for four years. When I did go in he discovered a 5cm cyst in my ovary. He gave me some birth control pills, (my tubes were previously tied), and told me to take them as directed and that if the cyst did not improve within the next three months he would be looking at the possibilty of removing the ovary. I got a second opinion from a gynecologist that was known for specializing in hormone treatment. He told me if I were to take the pills the other doctor gave me indeed the ovary would have to be removed. He put me on Loestrin birth control pill but told me to take them nonstop, every day for 6 months straight, go off a week, (sometimes I have a period, sometimes I dont), then start back up again. He said my ovaries were over working and that my periods needed to be stopped so they could rest. He said two periods a year were enough for me and that the ovaries were pumping out so much testosetrone and that was causing the cystic acne. WIthin four months of the treatment the cyst in my ovary was completely gone and the acne started improving immediately. Within one year my acne was completely gone. About a year lator I switched to Yasmine instead of Loestrin because of some nasuea, and it has worked just as well. If it werent for this treatment, I would still be suffering with the acne. Not even the accutane stopped it. I am so grateful for this doctor and will always be. I have no adverse reactions on this thearpy. I hope this story is able to help someone.

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