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Last night I had a big bumpy pimple. You know the ones you try to pop but can't. The ones that hurt and usually stick around for quite a while. Well, I tried my hardest to pop it and finally got a little out of it. But it just blew up to a bigger size, looked so swollen, looked so bad and looked like it would take many days to go away. And because of all the pressure I put on it, it would scar the hell out of me. Cause now it's all brown and red. Anyways, to help heal the ever so dreadful scar, I rubbed some grapeseed/cocoa butter cream on it. Then I layered neosporin over that. I knew because of all the oils and moisturizing stuff the pimple would probably get a lot worse. But I didn't care right now, as long as it doesn't leave as bad of a scar. Anyways, to my surprise, the next day the pimple was all the way down to nothin with like only a tiny tiny bump. Now did the neosporin help bring down the pimple? Or the grapeseed/cocoa butter cream? Or was it just pure luck???
I have no idea. What are your thoughtS?

Oh, another thing I have been doing for the past 3-4 days is putting lemon juice on my face for about 20 minutes. I stung a little the first day and now it just doesn't sting at all when I put it on. I notice my skin smoother but no real changes pimplewise yet. I can't tell cause when I pop stuff on my forehead it'll look bad for several days. I plan on doing this lemon thing for some weeks and see how it goes. I had some sort of a reaction from something about 8 days ago and had little bumps ALL over my face for so many days. It was awful. As soon as I started doing the lemon thing, it was like most of all of the bumps were gone the next day. The day after that, everything was gone.

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