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I just bought some Loreal Mineral Makeup about 3 weeks ago and the color is great, it looks fantastic, and it feels good. Suddenly, though I am breaking out BAD. Worse than I did when I was a teenager. It is all in patches below my cheekbones all the way to my jaw and some on my chin. Nowhere else. I thought mineral makeup was supposed to be better for acne than liquid foundations. I remember an asthetician telling me once that that was a "hormonal" break out area. The timing seems like it could be the makeup but my hormones have also been a little screwy since I stopped the pill and got an IUD. I haven't had a regular period since. Just episodes of a day or 2 of breakthrough bleeding a couple times a month, which the doctor said isn't uncommon. I also have dry skin. It never gets oily, and I tend to need alot of moisturizer. I haven't changed anything else in my beauty routine lately except for the foundation.

I don't want to stop using this makeup because it looks so good, but if it's causing the breakouts I'm going to have to. They have actually gotten so bad that I had to order Proactive, which seems to be working, but my dry skin doesn't like it that much. Is there anyway I can continue to use the Proactive so it is effective, but get rid of this tight, dry feeling in my skin? This is only my second day using the proactive. Will I get used to the way my skin feels? I am used to using heavier moisturizers since my skin is so dry. Will it just feel dry, or will I actually be able to see the dryness in the form of flakes and such if I continue using it?

Thanks for any help.

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