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Thats right BP and SA both, but seperately as each treats a different stage of acne. Never use more than 2% SA or 2.5% BP, higher % will just irritate your skin. Get this book, The Acne Cure on Amazon used for about $1, it teaches the different stages of acne and how to treat them seperately. At night wash with a gentle SA product, then use glycolic acid (can get online or at Rite Aid $16 AHA Alphy Hydroxy Acid 13%) leave on a minute then rinse off, this will unclog your pores to let the BP in. Next apply 2.5% BP, cool the skin with ice first which will make your pores open to the medication, leave skin cool & wet and apply a thin layer of BP, then put an ice pack on your face where your broke out for 10 minutes before you go to sleep - leave the BP on. The ice calms the inflamation, and the glycolic acid also has anti-inflamitory benefits. Make sure you use an oil free moisturizer, try Purpose by Johnson & Johnson w/15SPF to keep you skin calm and protected. Good luck.

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