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I cant believe the dermatologist did that either. What a jerk. You are probably right, he is trying to get you to go on the Accutane. I was on it and it didnt help me personally. I dont know if it would help you or not but I get the feeling you will be best off seeing a gynecologist. If and when you do I would do some research and find one that is cutting edge and into new treatments. You could probably call around to offices and ask if they are up on the newest hormone treatments. The last thing you will want to do is spend your money and get some out of date old kodger. My gynecologist put me on Yasmine. Because of a cyst in my ovary I went to him for a second opinion. He put me on what he called supression thearpy. I take Yasmine everyday and only stop once every six months for a week, (sometimes I have a period, and sometimes I dont). He told me that my ovaries worked to hard and that they needed to rest. They were pumping out a ton of testosterone which was causing the cystic acne. He said only two periods a year is all I needed. Within 4 months of starting the treatment the 5cm cyst in my ovary was completely gone and the cystic,(very bad), acne I had started improving immediately. It took about one year to completely clear, but it did, completely. I have heard of girls your age getting on birth control normally, take it three weeks and go off for a week, and that helping them. I was 28 years old when I started the hormones. I did not have any acne until after the birth of my second child at 22. Like I said go to the Health Board search and put Whoopie in the username search and go to the one that says my acne cure and smoothbeam, it will give you more information of my situation and maybe you will find something of use for you. I am 35 years old now and am getting smoothbeam treatments for my acne scarring and my skin is really looking great. You would not know that I suffered severe acne if you saw me. So remember there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, be patient and keep your head up. I miscalculated and wrote I had the acne for 10 years, now that I counted it out I guess it was actually 7 years, and to be perfectly honest it seemed like 20, but I got through it and so will you. Write back if I can help you further. Good luck!!!!!! It will come.

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