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I'm on Yasmin right now, have been for about a month and a half, and so far so good. I'm not 100% clear yet, but I have no more big pimples or cysts or anything. And I'm supposed to give it 3 months anyway. I find that I can eat foods now that used to make me breakout and still be reasonably clear.

I've heard a lot of bad stuff about OTC- but I know it's done wonders for some women, I've just heard more success w/ Yasmin than OTC.

Your skin may not like the Retin-A (I know mine HATED that stuff, I looked like a dried tomato). But as for the new cysts, you said you're only on the 3rd week so your body could be adjusting to the hormonal switch. I had bad breakouts on Yasmin the first 2 weeks but they subsided. If you feel comfortable on OTC and don't have any other bad side effects, I'd say stick w/ it. If it ends up making things worse, I'd definitely recommend Yasmin. Good luck.

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