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she prescribed a topical solution of clindamycin and doaks tar for the eczema/acne combo, and then also elidel cream for the irritated areas. she also gave me samples of tazorac to use all over my face, leave on for an hour, then wash off... (before using the other stuff). This is the whole before bed routine.

the thing i'm skeptical about is that i have very sensitive skin, so of course when my acne is in action, i get red, tight skin-- and flaky (yet oily at the same time--it's weird) from products i've used to fight the acne. she had me on retin a micro at first and i honestly think it's just the way i react to products like retin a and tazorac. but even when i tell her this is what i think, she wants me to try the eczema stuff and see if this works.

i've just never heard of these two conditions being remotely related, nor have i ever even considered that i might have eczema, and nor did my previous dermatologists. so i'm wondering if there's any precedent for this. I'm going to give her a chance, but i'd also like to know what other people think of this "diagnosis"... if she's crazy, i'd rather switch derms sooner rather than later. i don't like to waste money + time!

i went to my doctor (regular doctor, before i went to the derm) for acne and he noticed eczema on my eyelids and gave me elidel for both. the elidel dried my skin too much so i didn't use it. i do wonder if he is on to something, though, because i have battled small patches of eczema on my eyelids and scalp, and keratotis pilaris on my arms/thighs (as well as acne). all of these things can be caused by improper exfoliation, right? still, i couldn't make myself smear elidel on my face so i went to the derm and she gave me plexion wash and differin.

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