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(This is NOT an advertisement. I'm just mentioning a new product that is the first of its kind which is supposed to help with acne. It just recently came out in all health food stores like Whole Foods, Capers, and Choices Markets... and I couldn't help but notice it. It sparked my interest, and I've done some research on it... and I thought I'd ask what others think about it.)

Anyway. Genuine Health (the supplement and health food company) just released a new supplement product called 'Perfect Skin' (search for it) and it is supposed to be used as a supplement along with proper diet.

According to the ingredients - it IS supposed to help (for anyone who is suffering from diet acne). Check this out:

- id System enteric-coated EPA-rich fish oil concentrate (from anchovy and sardines) [500 mg]
- EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) [250 mg]
- EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) from green tea extract [50 mg]
- Zinc (gluconate) [3.75 mg]
- Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol) [2.5 mg]
- Selenium (L-selenomethionine) [50 mcg]
- Chromium (citrate) [50 mcg]

Now I don't know how much any of you know about each individual ingredient in this formula - but I personally agree with everything they put in there. The type of fish oil they used is supposed to reduce inflammation (which is a huge part of acne, since acne is in fact 'inflammation of the skin'), the green tea extract helps with oxidative stress of the cells, zinc helps with repairing and rebuilding of cells (also helps eliminate inflammatory acne), vitamin E is essential for the skin, selenium is a vital antioxidant of the skin, and chromium is a regulator of blood sugar (since spikes in blood sugar levels are known to make you break out).

I'm going to give it a try very soon. Now, I believe that this won't simply work without a proper diet... so I'm ONLY going to use it as a supplement along with my current diet.

I'll let you all know if it's worth it or not.

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