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Bactrim For Acne!!!
Nov 25, 2007
I am sure this topic was discussed in this forum many times etc, so I will try to keep a long story short, BUT IF YOU ARE NOT ALLERGIC to SULFA Drugs, YOU really need to give this a try... I have been on almost everything just as many of you have to no avail.. Changed my eating habits, tried not to stress about things, took vitamin supplements etc. Have been on Tazorac mostly which does WORK for me, but I dont like having to go through the long break out period which unfortunately has ALWAYS happened to me... Recently, my cystic acne came back after being away from Taz for a few yrs, and my doc put me on Adoxa, I have also been on Mino, and ALL the rest.... Was going to ask to be put on a low dosage of Accutane yesterday, but found out it is more regulated now and you are not able to get it unless you have severe acne. My acne severe enough for me, but not to the point of going on accutane. Anyway, I saw my derm yesterday and he said he was going to try ONE more thing before possibly putting me on ACCUTANE, and that was BACTRIM, Now I am saying MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT ALLERGIC TO any Sulfur meds cause if you are, this is NOT what you want to be on... I took two pills yesterday, and ONE this morning so far, and I have had some deep cysts for about a month or so now that nothing else cleared. When I woke up and looked in the mirror, almost 90% of them were gone.. I couldnt believe it. I have read some forums of some people being on this for two yrs, and when they go off it will come back, so they give it a break for a few weeks and then get put back on it, and it doesnt lose its effectivness for many... What I am just saying is if you are plagued by cystic acne as I get my outbreaks of it once or twice a yr, talk to your Dr. and ask him about Bactrim. Make sure you READ up on this med like I mentioned several times... This so far in ONE day has been a COMPLETE GODSEND for me.. For the first time last night I went to bed without using my Claron lotion or some of the other topicals I have been on.... I put on my AVEENO Ultra calming moisturizer after washing my face with Rosula, went to bed, woke up looked in the mirror and was TOTALLY surprised at my results. I only hope this continues to work as I am told that sometimes allergic reations to this med dont start sometimes for a few weeks.... I would hate to have to be taken off this live safer sooo soon

Thanks for Reading

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