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I realized this recently that my face is breaking out purely from masturbation, and some milk on the side. How do I limit it for at most two times a week? I tried to give up but on the second day I couldn't help it. I do it once a day, it's really tough. Any tips?
I skipped a day today and I noticed my skin was so much less oily
You are imagining things .
Nobody's imagining things - I'm also speaking from firsthand experience.

I tried setting personal records and seeing how long I can go without masturbation and each time I attempted (and lasted up to 2 weeks) - that's when my skin was the clearest.

As soon as I'd start again - I would break out on my face.

Hormones hormones...
if you really believe that to be the case, then i guess you gotta ask yourself what is more important to you - masturbation or clear skin..
Unfornutately I'm 14 and if i was to get a girl it would be pretty hard to get oral at this age, maybe in 10th. I read that semen has zinc and b5 in it, so that could explain it

Edit: Too much zinc can cause prostate cancer also

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