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I've read many times in my herb books to rub a clove of fresh garlic on your acne. I remember doing this a long time ago, except I used minced garlic in a jar. I can't remember it helping alot. Well, after reading it once again the other day and being very frustrated with my acne lately, I cut open a clove of garlic after washing my face and rubbed it on each area I had pimples. I had at least 20 blemishes on my face. I did this on is now Tuesday...not even a full three days ago. I did it twice on Sunday, once yesterday, and once this morning. My face is clearing up!!!! Pretty much all I have are scabs right now! A few clogged pores, but no new or remaining pimples...just the remnant of them.

What the hell? Is it really this easy? I know garlic is a miracle food, and I eat TONS of it. It works as a natural antibiotic which I suppose is why it makes your pimples go away so fast. I am so surprised and SO happy at how fast this is working!

I have terrible skin and my hopes are that if I keep this up all week maybe it will be clear for the first time in a long time this coming weekend! Even if it's not clear, what I have right now...pretty much just healing scabs...are so much better than what i've had in a long time. I've been struggling with my skin for years...about 10 now (I'm 22), and this is by far the fastest healing miracle i've encountered. Maybe it will even prevent pimples. I highly recommend you try's cheap and easy. And FAST! :D

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