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[QUOTE=tiredpoet;3385426]Hi all,
Tigerbuddy, sorry, I didn't mean I was against the endo. I've actually already seen one and was told all was well, that's all I meant. Anyway, I saw the new derm and he actually brought up spiro before I did. He did the blood test and my hormones are fine but he thinks I'm probably androgen sensitive. But he's very strict about me being on the pill for at least 30 days before I can start spiro. I'm actually going to talk to my gyn because she knows my history better and she may even prescribe me the spiro instead of the derm.
The derm did prescribe tretinoin .025% and I'm nervous about having an initial break out. My skin is calm right now (just after my period) but it will break out again in about 2.5 weeks to be sure. I don't know if tretinoin causes a bad initial breakout in people who are not seriously actively breaking out constantly already. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it won't make me worse for months before it starts working.

I've also been drinking the Celestial Seasonings Mint Magic, 2 to 4 cups a day. I've actually grown to like it! I think it's also helping with digestion, and if I can be quite honest, I feel like my breath is always great now, haha. I haven't noticed any less oil or facial hair, but hey it's been less than a month. We'll see. As all acne sufferers know, it's all about waiting and seeing, isn't it?[/QUOTE]

Hi Tired :) When I first started tretinoin cream, my skin got worse before it got better. It was kind of red and irritated, and I experienced an initial breakout. After 12-14 weeks though, things started improving a lot. Also, starting a new bcp is bound to stir up some acne. I'd totally recommend trying to get an antibiotic to get you through the tretinoin and bcp IBs and the wait for spiro to kick in. I thought Minocycline worked well with minimal side effects. Glad to hear you're trying the mint tea...keep us posted if you end up noticing any difference with it!

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