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Ah! HMO dilemma!

There are probably countless reasons why your PCP (primary care physician) refuses to prescribe finacea. One, he does not have good feedbacks about it. Two, he does not have enough knowledge about it. Three, he is an old physician who is into traditional medicines. (Because he is a PCP, most likely he is not an expert about skin). Fourth, it could be HMO related. HMO covers certain drugs while it denies many. Do you know if your HMO covers finacea? It may be one reason why your doc is not prescribing it. It's just a guess.

Unfortunately, there aren't very many HMO physicians who are emphatic. They are more concerned about squeezing in as many patients as they can in a day so they can earn as much as they can considering the meager amount the HMO pays them. If you can switch to a PPO plan, you will have more options and you will be better off. No referrals needed and you can see whoever you want to. But if you do not have that option, then by all means, shop around for a good dermatologist or PCP. Check their records from the Board of Medicine and observe their office. Call before you make an appointment. If they cannot give you time on the phone, most likely they will not be able to give you good service in person either.


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