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So I think I figured out after three years why I still have pretty bad chest acne. Used to have it on my back and face too but they went away which I attribute to diet changes. Anyway I realize my chest breaks out when I work out w heavy weights.

I hadnt gone to the gym in a few weeks, was in a good routine, and it felt like I would never get another outbreak again. Doing nothing different in my daily routine, (no whey or other supplements) I did heavy squats one day and for 3-4 days after my chest was itchy and new spots came up all over.

A week later the flare up had subsided and was back to healing the red marks, not worrying about new pimples. I tried a body weight workout (pushups, pullups) with heavy cardio to see its effect. This outbreak wasnt nearly as bad as after squats but still affected my chest, it was itchy and got a spot or two more.

Next week I am going to try swimming laps or just plain running, as maybe this will have less of an effect releasing androgen/testosterone/whatever it is that is causing this hell.

Has anyone experienced this lifting/body acne connection, and is there anything I can do to stop this specific problem. Like I said I eat a healthy diet, (no sugars, dairy, only water, clean foods), but is there any way to slow these hormones down and not have to be sedentary to have clear skin?

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