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how much zinc and vitamin b5 will cure my acne and stop oil
hey I need to knw that.. I dont knw zinc but em taking about 5mg of vitamin b5.. mostly before sleeping..
I finally convinced my dad to buy it recently. I have slightly oily skin, it gets pretty annoying. I've been taking 3 grams a day, which is six pills. If you have more oily skin than me, the suggested dose is 5 grams, then 10 after you see an effect, then back to 5 grams once more. BE WARNED: It will dry out your hair, sometimes even making it fall out. Don't take biotin it will only cause the acne to return, use a special shampoo with oil in it.
Well ive been taking 2 grams of b5 and 50g zinc,1 vitamin a and 2 flaxseed oils and boy what can i face is clear as hell and no spots now.ive been doing this for like 2 months religiously but i only just added the b5 which i think helps alot. oh this may sound weird but i also wash my fash, body n hair with head n shoulders citrus fresh-it has hydra zinc in it and i swear to god that helps too. i no longer use a toner or harsh face creams for my marks i used to have. i use either palmers fade face cream for dry skin or this indian mark removal cream i found in wembly called fair n bright.its not a bleach but a natural cream which removes brown or black marks.took about 3 weeks to kick in but now i wear no foundation for the first time in 8 years.if i do get a red spot il put a bit of powder on it. i swear the head and shoulders works cause i no longer get the spots on my back either.even my shaving bumps by my bikinia area r black and very lightskinned and my face used to be covered in black dots and whiteheads and i had no confidence and hid behind the thickest foundations. i even came close to suicide and gave up jobs cause it was sooooo bad but something told me never to give up until i find a cure.

this is my routine take tablets throughout dat as usual for fighting acne from inside,

wash face with head n shoulders,
pat dry and apply face cream(should have something in it to lighten marks and blemishes but not be harsh)


the same thing but i may use my clearasil face scrub 3 evenings a week

and thats it!!!!

let me know how it goes.
ive tried everything from doctors pills, minocylin blah blah-they all worked but not for long term like the vitamins.
Where are you buying the B5? I can only find B-complex (B5 plus other B vitamins), but B5 only.
hey if ur in lonon get it from hollands and barrets.its called panthonegetic acid.get 500mg ones. so 2 of those =1g.good luck hun
If you're in america it's in the vitamin shoppe. They call it pantethine complex.
okay people news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i was ill for like 4 -5 days so i never took any of my vitamis properly but i took no vitamin b5 at all in this time and ive got 2 painful spots come up with sure this is cuz of the b5. im going back on it straight away.since i started takin it as a combination i never had a spot now ive got huge ones!!i aint gon touch em though cuz i dont want no marks!!!

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