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well here are some good ideas to minimize your acne.

Drink tons and tons of water.
Eat tuna fish rather than chicken, chicken is pumped with steroids and thats male hormones with cause breakouts. Fish has omega fatty-3 acids with really make your skin have a healthy movie star glow, they mousturize you skin.
Dont lay your face on your pillow, sleep with your face facing the ceilling.
Exorcise regularily.
After you sweat, rinse with cold water.
Dont touch, dont pick, skin can regenerate and renew itself on its own, unless you cause the damage to your skin and make scars by picking them.
Use and electic shaver. Razors tend to irritate skin.
Try using Neutragena oil free acne wash for a bout two week morning and night. And you could even get some anti blemish cream made by Neutragena.

Dont give up kid. Im 18 and have great skin now. I was so ashamed at my acne and pple would tell me it wasnt that bad and i was imagining it all. One time i got so angry at my skin. I think the stress from my ance made me get more acne, i ocassionally get little white heads on my jaw line now, but never on my forehead, and never on my nose or above my lip like i used to. Yea it was horrible, but my skin glows now. If Neutragena dosnt work, (give it a while) try some oraganic glycolic soap from a health store, its cheap and works wonders. I just started getting glycolic facial peels. It peels off your layers of skin with acid that hurts but of course the soap is concentrated so it not drastic like that.
Anyway always remember its not the end of the world.

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