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I know how hard it is. I think everyone posting on this board knows how hard it is. You are not alone.

Listen to me now - there is hope. Acne does not have to completely run your life. I have struggled with acne for 20 years. I have gone through phases when it has been pretty clear and phases when it's been terrible. When it gets bad I get very depressed. But, I have survived high school and college and now I have a professional job, am married to a wonderful man, have a BEAUTIFUL 2 year old son and am 11 weeks pregnant with beautiful child number 2. When I look into my son's smiling face and he hugs and kisses me and we laugh and play together, oh my gosh - nothing else in this world matters! And, since I've become pregnant again my acne has flared up terribly due to raging hormones. I've been unhappy about it, but I know at some point it will get better. I would much rather stay home and "hide" than have to show up at work feeling unattractive and "gross" with this oily skin and these painful cysts. I know how mortified and embarrassed you feel, but hang in there.

See what you can do about getting to a dermatologist. If that's not possible, do your best with over the counter products and medications. My advice is don't obsess over what you're eating either, although I would advocate trying to eat healthy and drinking lots of water. You are very young and have your whole life ahead of you. Years from now this time in your life will be just a memory. I know that's really hard to understand but it's true. And you may be one of those "lucky" ones whose acne only happens during your teens. It could clear up as you get older and it will also all be a memory. What you will accomplish and what lies ahead in your life has endless possibility! Keep your chin up, focus on your school work and being a kind, good person. Good things will happen to you and will come your way - I promise. There is always hope. Don't give up.

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