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I ordered that MaMa lotion, I heard that may work, Im tired of spendin all this money on dermotoligists and lazor treatments, If this lotion does not work I may just research surgury. I had those lazor treatments over 1 year ago and there is no improvement the dr. said it would take several weeks/months to show any type of improvment and I am still waiting. I have suffered with acne all through highschool and it really was torment for me lots of rude comments from the kids they were really mean to me! After I was out of school I started noticing scarring on the right side of my face, I tried everything including tanning for 5 years and that made the scarring more noticiable. I stopped tanning and one good thing about the tanning is that my acne seemed to be clearing up a breakout here but a major improvement compared to highschool, but the scarring was still there. Thats when I tried that smoothbeam. Im kind of tired of waitin and need to start seein sometype of results. Has anyone heard of MAMA lotion for rolling scars? I have been usin the bakng soda not the lemon juice and I really have not seen that much improvment, but I think u are supossed to use that for several months to see any improvment. I dont think I wanna try bleach, I have heard that it does leave obvious white sploches. Thank you all so much for the support, it means the world to me!!!!!!!

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