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I just got prescribed accutane while i was on minocycline.. The dermatologist didnt say anything about the two.. and the pharmacists didnt notice when i got my first pack of pills either. But when i went back to the pharmacy to pick up the second pack the pharmacist rushed over to me and gave me a sheet saying that the two are never to be taken together. aparently they have serious serious problems resulting in both being taken in the same period.
We called the derm and she just said "yeah.. uh.. Why dont you go ahead and stop that minocycline now."
Is it that serious? anyone know? I think the pharm. said something about seizures and such. kinda scary that noone noticed.
I've never heard of this, and I think your pharmacist might have been over-reacting. Minocycline and Accutane are two *VERY* popular treatments for acne. Were there any major problems associated with taking both at once, there would be plenty of information on it. Your dermotologist would also have mentioned it. In my years of researching acne and Accutane, I have not once heard of this. I also went straight from Minocycline to Accutane and had no problems.

This shouldnt be a problem. Minocycline is not just described for acne. Its just a medicince that has been proven to work for acne in some patients. If you couldnt take Minocycline while on Accutane, then you couldnt take any other antibiotic. What would you do when you got sick? Some physicians say when you get sick, you need to stop accutane and take the other medicine until you are better, but regardless both medicines are in your body either way. Dont know that its safe to have prolonged exposure to both,but I'm pretty sure its not going to kill anyone.

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