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hey im also having problems with the scarring problem and the red spots..but believe me i have an idea of what your son is going through. i just graduated from high school and though my first two years were awsome, my last two were miserable!!! because of acne

what i regret the most is letting my acne get to me emotionally, i didn't want to go out in public and i even had attendance problems! so try to cheer him up as much as possible, the feeling of having acne is unexplainable.. ESPECIALLY when it seems uncurable

OKAY.. i would definetly recommend accutane.. i tried all the tv products including proactiv , NOTHING.. once i finally got into accutane it did wonders!! accutane is a 6 month minimum prescription that DOES make it worse the first month or two (just like any other treatment it makes it worse at the beginning).. be patient. it may leave spots where the acne used to be but i can finally say im acne free and have been since i stopped using accutane, i wash my face daily and i am now waiting for feb. to get laser surgery (must wait 6 months after takin accutane).

MAKE SURE he drinks lots and lots of water.. makes a HUGE difference! .. cleansers for oily skin.. umm.. and dont use numerous products at once

BEST OF LUCK !!!!!!!

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