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Acne or Cold Sores?
Jan 12, 2008
Hello, I am 24 year old male and for almost 2 years I have been getting pimples? around my lips constantly. There has'nt been a day gone by that there wasn't at least one of them or a red spot from where one used to be on me. This is affecting my life greatly. At first I thought these were cold sores because i've had those since I was a teenager but they were few and far between. Im starting to wonder if its something else, like some certain kind of acne. I have always got a couple pimples here and there but never nothing major. My primary doctor gave me a prescription for a anti viral... before giving me this prescription he did no testing or anything to determine if they were indeed cold sores. These anti virals really have had no effect on them. These are usually very small white pus filled pimples that do not hurt and usually leave red scars that last for some time. They appear all around my lips, and near the bottom of my nose. I have noticed that if I dont shave for a few days the pimples seem to get worse... like the whiskers irritate them? I would like some advice on what these might be and what I should do about them. Should I go back to my primary health doctor and ask for him to test them or go to a dermatologist. I do not have health insurance so this would be out of my own pocket and would like to keep the cost as low as possible. My doctor didn't really take much concern in them even after expressing to him how they have effected my life. Im not sure he would be very willing to do anything else about these so im leaning towards dermatologist.

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