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I'm 25 and from the UK. I've waited 2 months for my first derm appointment (Monday) and wanted some advice on what sort of objectives to set for it.

So, I've had moderate acne since 18, only on my chin area. I've tried Dianette, BP, topical ABs etc etc..
At the moment my skin is the best its been in a while, almost clear, but no matter what I do I get one very large cyst each month, like clockwork. It's painful, ugly and lasts about 2 weeks.. so thats half of every month I'm in pain and embarressment..

I am on Spirotone (prescribed in USA) and really want to get some more of it which my GP doesn't want to prescribe. I've been on it for almost 4 months and want to wait 5 or 6 before I give up, it has really reduced my oil and smaller breakouts, just the stubborn cysts have stayed...

I had some success on Dianette, so that will be my back-up option, I just don't want t o wait 3 months for it to kick in.

Another thing is Accutane, which I've almost ruled out completely as my skin would probably get a lot worse 1st, and the side effects are quite harsh. But I I'll see what he says about that...

Anyway, since its my first visit, I just wanted to get a feel of what I should expect? Should I prepare/take things with me?

Is anyone else in the UK on Spiro?

Can you take Dianette and Spiro together or is Yaz + spiro a better option?

Cheers guys,

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