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I am new to this board, and I can totally relate to this “letter to acne”.

I am 26 now, and have been plagued with Acne for many years, about 12 to be exact. If pimples were so wonderful, people wouldn’t be trying to get rid of them. It’s hard enough trying to accept yourself when you have acne, nevermind anyone else accepting you, unless they go through the same thing. I too, blame acne for ruining my life. You may say, LUC, that we are the ones who ruin our own lives because of acne, and people should see past it, blah blah blah. Guess what, not many people see past it, as sad as that sounds. But, it isn’t exactly attractive ya know?

Don’t talk to me about diseases and life threatening illnesses. I don’t compare myself to ANYONE with cancer, or aids, or anything like that. I am in my own league as are many other people with acne. It can be almost as bad as a life threatening disease, because honestly, there have been times my skin has been so bad, I would have rather been dead, and that’s the truth.

Acne did ruin a very important part of my life. Want to hear how cruel kids can be? I used to sit at a table during lunch with a few girls and guys who I thought were my friends. One day, I was the last one to the table carrying my lunch tray, and found a note on the last available seat that said, “Don’t sit here anymore zitface, we cant eat and look at your face at the same time”. So tell me, how can you avoid that affected your life, and RISE ABOVE it, as you said earlier LUC?
I dropped my tray on the floor, and started to shake and cry, and ran out of school and took the bus home. I went home and cried for days. I felt like I could never face the world again.

How about driving, and getting cut off by someone, and flipping them the bird, and instead of when they get next to you at a light, saying FU, they say, FU Pizzaface? I WISH I could have only gotten the FU. But, this person saw me through a tinted window, and still saw I had horrible skin.

How about not going to the senior prom because not one person asked you, and the friend you asked refused? How about not going to Great Adventure for your senior trip because you were afraid you would end up walking around the park alone, or going on a water ride, and all your cover up coming off?

How about not EVER letting a guy who ACCEPTED you, go near your face with his hand? Not looking people in the eye? Wearing your hair in your face, even though you knew it worsened your acne?

Oh wait, there’s more KIDS!

This may be the best yet! How about having someone bump into your face on accident, and a goddamn zit pops! And you have puss on your face! Wonderful, huh? And we are supposed to ACCEPT ourselves? Yeah, OK!

I also stopped taking a shower and brushing my hair by the way, my self esteem went down the ****ter and I was in a deep depression.

Well, I am 26 now, and my skin is beautiful. I have a few scars, and I do get occasional breakouts, but, I am getting the scars lasered, and still on medication.

I have a wonderful boyfriend, my own home, 2 beautiful doggies, and an amazing job.

And I only got this all after my acne started to clear up. I had no ambition or drive for anything when my skin looked bad, and I was ALWAYS a person with drive and ambition.

Acne is destructive, it CAN ruin your life, and I can attest to that!

But ya know what, I rose above it, and you can too. My name is Krissy by the way, I am from NYC, the most superficial state in the US..LOL…

If anyone needs advice, I am here for you….. :)

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