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I also have severe acne scarring on my back/arms/chest. A loofah brush is not a bad option if used in moderation. About twice a week is not a bad idea. The brush works like an exfoliant, helping to slough off dead skin but over-use can be abrasive to the skin which naturally renews itself at a slower rate. Make sure that you use natural bristles and that the brush is kept clean and disinfected regularly. Also ensure to use a moisturizer afterwards.

At this time I am into week 3 of a chemical peel so no loofah exfoliating for me! The peel is a tedious and eventually sometimes painful process but already I have peeled a layer of skin and the scars are lighter. I will keep you all posted.
First, Differin was the worst thing I ever did to myself. My breakouts were never terribly severe, and I was actually finally starting to clear up at that time (I had just turned 18). My doctor had already offered it, so I figured what the hell. I used it, and my breakouts returned. I also began breaking out on my cheeks, which I had never had before, and it continues to this day.

Now, I also had upper back, upper arm, and chest acne. After my first 4 month treatment of Accutane, I was 100% completely cured. It has been about two or three years since I used Accutane for the first time, and I've had, perhaps, 8 zits total on my back, arms, and chest. I consider that a cure. I never have breakouts there anymore.

My face, however, is a different story. ;-)


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