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hey there,

It has been 4 years since the micro sized flesh coloured bumps on my chin appeared.

My dermatologist right away said that they were scarring...and prescribed Retin-A. I tried that for a year...and it didn't work at all. The bumps are still here.

Heres the thing...these small bumps can't be scarring...because they appear and disappear all over my chin. These bumps are NOT painful, itchy or red...just stubborn flesh coloured bumps.

I'm just so tired of them. Please, if you think you know what these bumps may be...leave a message.

Any help would be great!


So, I went to my derm and she said that these bumps are scars! When I asked what can be done, she said NOTHING! Since these scars are in a difficult place (my chin) and since i have a darker complexion...she said there is no treatment out there. The only thing to do is wait (as I already have for 4 years) for these scars to disappear on there own.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I've realized that I have spent my youth hiding from people...too embarassed to really pursue my dreams because I'm so self conscious. I see the way people stare and so to hear that NOTHING can be done to help or resolve this problem, leaves me feeling helpless. With hope diminishing...and practically stomped on by my derm, I wonder...will another unaccomplished year pass?

Sitting, wishing, waiting...


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