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I had recently used this before, thinking I was using it the right way, but I was just putting it on, not letting my skin soak it up. I had some effects but none were too great. I started researching it on the web, and I found lots of people who claimed to have had their cycstic acne leave, or heal much faster. People with dry skin dont have to worry about dry skin anymore, people with red scarring or acne scars will have their scars heal much faster than ANY product you can buy on the market. Within the third day of using it, I had noticed I had alot less pimples, practically none now, they are all just healing... And when I look in the mirror after I wake up, I swear my pores are smaller and my face is less oily.

Here's how to do it: Drink four tea spoons a day, and before bed rub a layer of coconut oil into your skin VIGOROUSLY (I would suggest trying to decrease as much as your current acne as you can due to irritation.) If you rub it gently, your skin will not take it in as much. Depending on the severity of your acne, you may want to do this before 3 times a day. Your face will shine alot, so if you have severe acne, just leave it on an hour and then pat it gently off with a paper towel.

I am not saying this will stop your break outs or become some miracle product, but it is very inexpensive and worth it. It WILL make your skin very healthy and prevent aging even if it does not help your breakouts. You can find it at whole foods, and to use it, just put the jar in hot water. But seriously, the red mark scars will go away faster than any other product, you have my word.

One more thing, when my face gets oily within a few hours, the natural oil my face produces looks good! It doesn't have an ugly texture like usually, it has a really smooth aura to it :)!

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