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I'm 38 years old and have had acne since I was 10. Since I lost my job a month ago, I've really had to cut down on my expenses not to mention that I have had time to reflect on my present life and past, quite a bit.

It's not fair that most of us have had acne our entire lives it seems, but it's obvious that there is an internal issue that is functioning incorrectly and after 28 years of treating the symptoms of this internal issue with antibiotics, creams, pills, I don't know what the hell to do anymore. :(

Lately I have been cutting down on the meds I was taking... I stopped taking the Minocycline to see if I could just use the Tazorac and some less expensive soap because quite frankly, nothing works in the long run for me, maybe for a few months, but that's it, then my body takes over with a vengence and I'm back to square one.

I am reading a lot of posts from men and women who have the SAME exact stories as I do. People my age who have been suffering with this crap for their entire lives, like me, hoping to find the answer from others in the same boat. The only difference I find is that i just don't let it stop me from looking at people and going about my daily life. It's so normal that most of the time I don't even worry what people are thinking, I just tune out their thoughts.

Anyway, the reason I started writing this is because I've been reading about a few things that seem obvious to me but maybe I'm wrong. One question I see raised is why a med seems to be making the acne worse. Some of the meds (i.e. Retins, Tazorac, etc.) actually make the skin turnover faster and if I'm not mistaken, the skin goes through a normal shedding cycle in a 30 day period, so, when your acne is getting worse, it's because your skin's shedding period is speeding up, pushing out all the gunk quicker and that's why the acne seems to be worse. Maybe it takes a few months to get all of that gunk out of our skin? If you try cutting out sweets, dairy, etc., your skins shedding cycle is not necessarily speeding up, but it will push out the garbage that maybe the sweets and dairy and putting in there and eventually your skin will push it all out, maybe over a 3 or 4 month period?

I know my biggest acne culprit is sweets. I don't care who says it's not, but when I was a teenager, if I cut out sweets, my acne would go away. So obviously, when I use a cream or pill to treat my acne, but I still eat sweets, the internal effects will find a way to surface eventually (maybe that's why the pills, etc.) don't work for very long?

I'm rambling here, I know. I should, at 38 years old, stop eating sweets to see if once again, my acne will cure. I have lost a lot of will power now that I'm older, cutting out sweets just doesn't seem worth it to me. How sad, huh? With the Tazorac, my acne has gotten better, but now I'm getting the big painful bumps under my skin (is this cystic acne????) that never materialize into a pus, just clear liquid that will come out if I try to relieve the pressure (which as we all know, only makes it worse). Perhaps if I cut out sweets/dairy along with the Tazorac that's speeding up the shedding cycle, I'll have found the "cure"?

Also, ladies...I have tried Spiro and it did remove all of the oil from my skin but, I just couldn't stand taking medicine every single day, twice a day. I don't like living my life going to the pharmacy, getting prescriptions, etc. and thinking that I will have to do this for another 20 years, when I'm nearing 60!!! Ugh!

So, I sure would love to find out why my body does what it does, and what I can do to stop masking the symptoms and stop giving the drug companies my hard earned money.

Has anyone else been fed up with this vicious cycle and tried focusing on the internal cause for a few months or so (meaning, you didn't just give up dairy for one month and it didn't help). I'm thinking no one has, or else why would you be here reading how to cure this??

I hope to hear others thoughts and why they think they have acne, what is causing theirs, and if they are fed up spending their whole lives masking the symptoms, only to find that it never lasts for long.

Please respond with your stories. I would love to read them (especially since I have the time!!!).


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