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Ok, I've had the scourge for over 25 years. I've tried everything under the sun, accutane, birth control, topicals, recently only cortisone shots would work on large cystes. I've found the easiest and most unexpected solution. First let me say that I have found a couple things to work over the years but they all had side effects. Yasmin worked if I took it through the dummy pills, but I started losing my hair...not good. B5 worked but my hair turned very dry and I developed aches, just scared me not be entirely sure how to balance the b vitamins. Diet worked to control the severity of my outbreaks but couldn't get totally clear. I'm a firm believer that refined sugar and carbs are not good for the skin, creates a hormonal roller coaster that any acne sufferer can do without. So what finally worked without having to give up every food I love and go on questionable drugs???
I found this on another skin site right before my wedding in Oct. Here 's the regimen

Salycilic wash - I believe this is optional because the next step is the real fix, but if you have real bad skin the duo will probably improve results.

Oxy 10 Chill Factor Wash - The trick is you put it on like a mask for 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes at night and then wipe off with warm damp wash cloth or rinse with water.

Moisturize with something for oily acne prone skin. Your skin will likely get dry so feel free to moisturize, I've not had a problem moisturizing. I know most of us don't want to use them because we're forever trying to dry out the acne, but as long as you use something made for our skin type you should be ok. I use one by kiehl's, it's their blue line i think, very nice.

Avoid high sugar foods-If I binge on sugar I will get a mild breakout, nothing like before the program. My skin is no longer something I wake up to in a panic.

Why does this work? I've used proactive like products for years they never did the trick like this. I have to believe it's the strength of the BP and the duration of exposure. The nice thing is you don't have to have the BP on all day so the drying can be controlled. I also use this great product called Glytone Acne, it's a flesh tinted sulfur and resorcinol product. I use this in my t-zone.

My girlfriend has been battling this for years too and recently started Yaz, it helped her but didn't completely clear her up. I had her try the reg a few weeks ago and her skin looks the best I've ever seen it. She just started a new job and is thrilled not to be stressing over her skin.

I never thought a topical treatment could help me, i've tried every topical known to man, Tazorac, retin a, bp 2.5, tons of scripts from the derm, anitbiotics, the list is endless. This is just too easy to believe, but I've been living it since Oct so all I can say is what do you have to lose???

Please try it if you're at your wits end and let me know if it works for you. We all know that some things work for some and not others. I really think it's the strenght of the bp and the way it's applied. I've used that same wash in the past the way it's directed and it didn't work, just dried my skin. Leaving it on longer must give the bp time to kill the bacteria. Also, my skin is no where near as oily as before.

Basically, I'm a happy girl. Hope this helps someone else.

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