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Hello - I am going to ask my Dr. for spiro tomorrow. I've read several reference books and researched online and am convinced my acne is from androgens, possibly I'm very sensitive to testosterone and need to block it and the resulting DHT. Spiro inhibits the activity of the 5-alpha reductase enzyme, thereby reducing the production of androgens in the ovaries and adrenal glands. I went off bc pills 4 months ago, and was hoping I would get through with minimal breakouts, but unlucky me - my face is a mess.

Could those out there that take spiro for acne give me any advice on talking to my Dr., and how much to ask for at a minimum. I talked to him before and he did hear of spiro for acne, but said he would need to check it out. I've done the research and want to try it, I'm worried he is going to shoot me down. Please let me know of successes and/or failures using spiro, how long it will take, how much I should take, etc . . . and if anyone has experienced hair loss due to the hormone problem causing by androgen sensitivity, and if the spiro can help that as well.

Right now I am taking saw palmetto (just started yesterday) and mega b-complex to try and reduce the oil, it's unfortunately affecting my hair. So not only is it falling out, it's dryer than usual. Any info helpful.

Goosepimples and sidraz7 hang in there!! I'm almost to 3 full months and it's getting better - slowly. I do have one biggie on my chin right now, and had to see a dr. b4 I went on vacation 04/25 to inject some new ones coming up. My skin is getting progressively better, takes time. Goosepimples, the melesma (*spelling?) is from the mino and the bcp. I couldn't get rid of my "patchiness" until I went off both those things. Ask your dr. for doxy instead, and maybe change to a different brand of bcp - are you on yasmin?

My skin is looking better all the time, with a few setbacks now and then that make me wonder about this stuff. My dr. said he treats another woman w/spiro and it took 4 months for full effect and he is going to keep her on it until she reaches menopause to keep adult acne for us women sensitive to testosterone under control.

It's been about 10 days since your last post - any better either of you ??

Talk to you soon -

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