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Hi there goosepimples and sidraz7 - here is my weekly report 2 months in.
I AM CLEAR !!! I am not saying there is not the occational little pimple, but we all can deal with that. The acne on my face is coming out in little dry plugs when I push on them. Glycolic acid for 1/2 hour at night really helps get the last of it out and calm the skin. The Oil is almost gone, I actually need a moisturizer now. I attribute this to starting oral antibiotic doxycycline about 2 weeks ago and drinking just water and unsweetened green tea and a sparing diet. Also I am cheating and taking 150mg, the 100 from my new script and 50 from the old one, and I am still using my acne regimine. I have heard people say you can lower the dose once the acne is under control. Getting ready for my visit from aunt flo, we will see . . .

Goosepimples, I should warn you, I took minocycline for years along with bcp.
When I would get a bruise it wouldn't go completly away, dark circles under the eyes and hyperpigmintation on my face especially if I went in the sun. My pcp had me on the mino, I went to a derm and showed her the old bruises I had. She said it was the mino, there are studies that prove it and put me on doxy. I think it's long term use though that causes that, so if you are just going to take for a while until you get through the rough patch, maybe that won't happen.

good luck to both and keep posting :)

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