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Hello krlsgrl

Well I think you are a lot better than me for your very restricted diet. I do try my best to watch what I eat, but at one point, I'm saying to myself :"Life is short and we only have one... so enjoy when you can". I could give any type of reason (working and living in a hotel room every week... poor diet schedule with working on construction...) but I guess at the end, it's all my choices =)

For several months now, I only use Cetaphil... nothing else. There is absolutely no difference with my acne by using medicated acne products or not. It's been so many years I kept trying and switching from one product to another one (after few months on each) that I thought I would give my skin a little break. I always thought that if I didn't use medicated products (which contains salicylic acid or benzoid peroxid) that my skin would get more oily which would results in more pimples. Well it did the first 1-2 weeks that I stopped using those products (because my skin kept producing more oil to compensate what the products were "removing" from it). My level of oil is better now than the past 15 years. Still have acne... but not worse than while using medicated products AND I don't use those very harsh chemicals products on my skin anymore.

Good luck to you too ! I hope that your prescription works for you.


Hello AddySarah

I'm very glad to hear that Accutane worked very well for you. Personnaly, I would rather still have pimples and painful cysts than trying this product. I guess that a personal choice that each person decide what they do and what they put into their body. It's awesome you didn't experienced any side effects ! I read a lot about acne and different way to try to treat it. As I wrote in my first blog, Accutane was supposely my only and last option to try after the over $100 prescription that the dermatologist had prescribed me. Good for you if you didn't have any side effects, but I did read MANY blogs and results of research on this medication. Depression... suicide... I'm a person that is already easily prone to depression (really bad PMS and way too sensitive =). For me, it's totally not worthy to use that "loaded chemical medication" and risk my physical and emotionnal health. AND from all the reading I've done and your own experience... the result doesn't even last.

I'm not saying that dermatologists (which include your brother) doesn't know what they are doing or anything like that, but I think each person have their own way to believe on something. Think about it a second... how much chemicals you think there is on Accutane for it to cause severe birth defects without mentionning the long list of others. They might be rare, but they are there (and everywhere online when you do a search for "Accutane reviews and/or side effects").

But as I said before, I'm very glad that it did work out for you ! It's all about our own choices of what we want to put inside and out of our body !

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