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I suffered from cystic acne in its insipient stages, its genetic, so I went on the dangerous, controversial drug Accutane. I did not experience the typical side effects of dry, chapped lips, dry skin and so on because my skin was so oily. Accutane gave me flawless skin, aside from the minimal scarring I had from the acne. That being said, the results only lasted for one year. And from being on the drug, my cholesterol was raised and suffered from depression.

I now have the same symptoms as I did right before I went on Accutane two years ago, steadily getting worse. I have been feeling hopeless, as acne has a really acute negative impact on my psyche. That is, until I found out about Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5). I have not had the opportunity to try it yet, but I have been reading up on it since I found out about it a week ago. I am confident that it will work for me because it essentially does what Accutane does, the natural way (without the horrible side effects!). It shrinks the oil glands and reduces the amount of sebum. it also aids in breakign down fatty acids which contribute to oil. It also shrinks pores. From what I have been reading, the recommended dose is 10 grams, which is quite a lot, but because B5 is water soluble, it cannot harm you if the dosage is high becasue what your body does not need, it disposes of. I am very anxious to begin Pantothenic acid therapy, but it is not sold in most stores. I am currently looking for it.

Topical lotions and products such as clearasil and Proactiv... do not work for cystic acne, only surface acne. By thoroughly looking into B5, if it works as I have been reading it does, it should solve the underlying problem for me. Everyone is different, but from what I have heard about it, it should be the perfect solution to people who have had positive results from Accutane (for acne vulgaris/cystic acne) but it has returned.

Sorry for such a long post, but I do hope that it helps others like me.

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