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This is long, but I think important, so please read everything.

This is in response to all the peanut butter, egg yolk, urine, or any other "weird" acne cures.

I understand that a lot of us are desperate here and are willing to try anything to cure our acne, but c'mon! use some common sense, people!

Does putting food on our face make any sense? Don't we unconsconsciously try to eat carefully just so food don't get on our face? And now putting on peanut butter on our face suddenly makes sense just because someone posted it on this board. In fact, I think some of us are so desperate that if someone posted: "OMG!! The other day, I was eating pizza and I got some of the pizza oil on my face by accident on a few cysts, and the next morning I woke up and the cysts are gone!! No joke! I can't believe it! I don't know if it has to do with that particular pizza's oil or not. But I'm going to go back to the pizzeria and ask them what oil they used." I bet there will be some believers out there and a few responses asking "what kind of oil" and "in what way did the oil land on the face" etc.. But seriously, fellow acne sufferers, we need to stop and breathe before we run off and try these "weird" acne cures.

I don't mean to offend anyone who might believe some of these cures or have had good results from them, but I'm just writing for all of yours' own good. We really need to stop and really think before we try some of these things. When I first read about the peanut butter thing, I actually thought..."mmmm" and then, I was like: "NOoooo. Peanut butter got so many ingredients in it and it's greasy and everytime I eat it, I feel like my intestines are being clogged by it, because it's so sticky (psychological)"...and then I decided: "Ok, no matter how many people got good results this way, I won't try just doesn't make any sense!!!"

By the way, sidenote: The same person who first came up with the peanut butter post is also the same person that posted "all people with acne are UGLY!" and yes, the word ugly was capitalized. And she was also the same person using proactiv and the same person asking for advice on "other" acne remedies!!! geez...peanut butter sure doesn't seem like it is working because she obviously needed more help.

As for the urine cure: I just don't think putting anything on your face that your body doesn't want makes any sense either. Urine is a collection of all these toxic and unwanted stuff from your body. Plus, urine is supposedly very acidic. If you're going to use acid on your face, you might as well go get chemical peels. But if some of you really want to do the urine thing, just go jog a few miles a day and sweat it out. My science teacher said that sweat is made out of the same chemicals as urine...or very similar chemicals. Personally, I would rather sweat than put urine on my face. Oh! What am I talking about? I would NEVER put urine on face (unless it is GUARANTEED that I have a super-clear face from it within a, 2 days.)

The egg yolk cure: I would personally not do it. I read the super-long thread about it on this board. Basically, people have very good results with it the first month or two and then started getting many badly clogged pores afterward. Some even have egg yolk stuck in their pores and can't get it out. Anything that can do that to my face is a big, fat NO-NO!!

I personally would try everything on the market before I would try some of these so-called home rememdies that has almost no scientific evidence supporting them. I understand that we can't rely everything on research and science, but sometimes it is safer to.

I'm not saying don't try them. If they really make sense to you, go ahead, but really THINK before you run off and put peanut butter or egg yolk or urine or whatever else on your face. If it doesn't make sense, don't do it!!

And last words: I think most acne skin, especially, severe acne skin, is very sensitive. My word of wisdom: Use less! The more stuff you put on your face, the more sensitive your skin will get and more breakouts. Don't put peanut butter as well as BP as well as Salicylic Acid as well as Retin A on your face. It will burn your face out!! And then put on moisturizer..How much abuse do you think your face can take?? USE LESS!!

This is my personal opinions and a reminder to all of you that you must THINK before trying some of these things. Remember that some of these things CAN make your skin WORSE, so THINK, BREATHE, and DO SOME RESEARCH!! Look up egg yolk and find out what properties are in it; look up urine and find out what acid is in it; look up peanut butter and see if any of the ingredients can clogged your pores...before you blindly go and put these things on your face. If you find anything, ANYTHING AT ALL, that might seem harmful or comedogenic...don't put it on your face!!!

I can't stress it enough, because I really don't want YOUR (as well as MY) acne to get any worse from these things. That's why I keep writing on and on about it. We don't need extra aggravations; acne is doing a very good job stressing us all by itself already.


If you feel that I am wrong, you may disregard this post.
I've been testing the peanut butter on a few scars for about 3 nights now...and these scars are almost gone after of atleast 2 months having them. It's not clogging my pores or anything...and I'm not breaking out...maybe because I'm taking my vitamins and drinking a bunch of water everyday to prevent it...and it makes my skin look I'm excersising for blood need that all of this will prevent me from any thing bad. Now I don't know about egg yolk and urine or whatever...I don't use it. But I have been mixing up honey and lemon and putting it on my face for 10 minutes each's great for your face, and in the morning after cleaning and lightly steaming my face I then apply clean & clear deep cleaning know that liquidish's great. So I if my pores are getting clogged...I guess I must quickly get them unclogged. But yeah the peanut butter I'm using is from a health food store, it's natural peanut's like going to a peanut butter factory and grinding them for peanut butter. When you first get a jar of this you actaully do have to mix it up, all it natural ground peanuts. But yeah I'm not trying to say you're wrong or anything...actaully thats a very great post you made!...I'm just trying to say that there are different ways to use those kinds of things.

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