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I haven't been here in a long time. I still have acne, and it has not gotten any better. I'm still switching back and forth from one product to the other. Recently I have been using a Glycolic acid cleanser, which worked the best compared to everything else I've used. Then I started using retin a micro. The retin a caused more severe breakouts, but did decrease fine lines and some skin damage caused by the acne itself, using products, and the sun. I figured the breakout are a part of the initial breakout you go through, but I'm on week six and severe pimples continue, though they have gotten better.

However, I am really getting sick and tired of using the synthetic, chemical laced products! Why do we need all this crap? I feel like all of these products make my skin worse, generally speaking. They make my skin look darker, and less healthy. They also seem to slow the healing process for my skin. When I don't use a cleanser or moisturizer or any other acne product at night my skin seems to look better in the morning. My pimples also seem to go away quicker when I do this as well. Even when I wake up in the morning and just wash my face with water and don't put any moisturizers or anything on my face my skin still feels healthier. Even though it may feel a little dryer in this New York winter, it still feels like my skin can breathe; and when you go outside there is actually more moisture in the air, than there is in your house.

Why is acne such a major problem in the modernized world? Why do primitive societies rarely ever get acne, or why is they're acne conditions never severe? Sure genetic factors play a role, but is there more too it? I am starting to think so. I am starting to think that our high carbohydrate, high sugar diets, and possibly even the hormones in our foods are promoting the acne condition in the modern world. Most primitive societies don't even have a word for acne; and most don't even have words for cancer, heart disease, etc.! There have been a number of studies that show that the high carbohydrate, nutrient lacking diets of the modern world may be promoting the acne epidemic.

I am going to give myself a test. I am going to eat a low carbohydrate, high meat and protein, whole fruit and vegetable, all water and no sugar drinking diet to see what happens. Yes, I said high meat and protein. Our hunter gatherer ancestors evolved and survived off of meat. Yes, we Homo sapiens are omnivorous. Primitive societies like the Eskimos, the African hunter gatherers, South American Indians, and others, have a high meat and protein diet, that there people have been eating for up to 400,000 years. These people are far healthier than us modern societies are. They also don't farm, so they don't consume grain foods and refined carbs. They also don't use hormones and chemicals on their cattle.

I am also going to stop using retin a micro and cleansers and moisturizers on my skin, and see what happens. I encourage others to do the same, just to give it a try. At this point what do we have to lose?!!

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