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Last night I just put some of the 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide on parts of my face. Now it is a little bit red. But then, the parts that I put it on seems to have a little bit of like weird liquid. It also is peeling. Not in the flaky type of way but then its forming some weird stuff that looks a bit like bread crumbs.

Can someone tell me whats going on? Thx
When you first take benzoyl peroxide, it can cause irritation. It depends on your skin. you obviously have sensitive skin so i would suggest you just apply it once a day first. Also, don't apply it just to pimples which have formed. apply it all over your face. it is a product which is designed to penetrate and kill bacteria before it forms a pimple. it doesn't really heal wounds faster, it just prevents new ones. if you continue to have a weird liquid under you skin or whatever in a few days of use, i would stop...that is not normal. however, the bread crumbs you speak of are just small flakes of skin, and it is one of the problems with BP. Some people use moisturisers to stop this (but i can't use them, they all break me out. doesn't matter if they say they dont clog pores).Try and find one that suits your skin

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