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Hey there....i've done 2 courses of Accutane, they gave me crystal clear PERFECT skin...until about 6 months after I was done, i'd start breaking out a little bit, which was bearable, but eventually would be full force acne again. :( Anyways for the dry nose issue, it helped me to get some Saline nose spray. You just squirt it in your nose and it will help to lubricate it. Helped me alot, my nose was constantly scabby and bleeding on the inside until I discovered Saline. You can find it at any drug store or grocery store.

Also, just to let you know what is finally helping control my acne (I'm 22 and pretty sure it's mostly hormonal and the only thing to EVER help was accutane), is being back on birth control and changed absolutely everything about what I eat and put on my face...I use:
1)Dr Bronner's Organic Castile Liquid Soap-Peppermint. It's made of a bunch of different organic oils. Works amazing on me...disolves your dirt, not try to wash it away, which is what most cleansers do, and i think they don't get you clean enough sometimes.
2)I put NO lotion on my face. Instead I rub in organic jojoba oil in the morning and before bed and this has worked WONDERS and I was so scared to start using oil on my face, but it has been a blessing! Skin is glowing now!
3) For any stubborn zits I just put on some clearasil zit zapper crap...I know, not good for your face, but it gets rid of them fast, and I think i'm too sensitive to tea tree oil to use in anymore. :( Sometimes if it's the weekend and i'm not going anywhere, i'll rub raw garlic on zits which REALLY helps. Minus the smell which apparently is offensive to my boyfriend...
4) After washing my face in the morning, before I put on my jojoba oil, I put lemon juice on a cotton ball and wipe it on my entire face. It helps desolve that dead skin on top and is really getting rid of old marks. I can finally be around my boyfriend with no makeup!!! :D
5) Before putting on my jojoba oil at night I put witch hazel on a cotton ball and rub it all over my face...kind of like a toner.

Sorry this is long, I was just hoping it would help people since people thinking about using accutane, and that DO use accutane will be looking at this board. My skin is the best it's been without the use of accutane and i'm very happy about it. FINALLY!! Good luck everyone!!! Acne is the worst thing by far in my life and has been for so long...I hate that the thing constantly on my mind, is my face. What a curse.

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