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hey, I had moderate but v persistant acne, my forehead was covered in big red/yellow spots plus a few round my mouth and chin and a couple on cheeks. Its a b/c pill, after 3 or 4 months i had no spots and fading scars. I stayed on it for about another 3 months and would get the occasional zit every now and then, I thought I might as well come off as it had done its job and my skin gradually got worse, until i went to Cyprus when I came home I had the worst breakout ever, I dont know why, it happened last time I went, both my friends did too. I've been on differin 4 2 weeks and the breakout continues, its really making me ill i dont want to leave the house. I'm back on dianette now nearing the end of second month so it should kick in soon. I never tried those, are they any good?

seriously contemplating accutane. Ive become obssesed with peoples skin I just stare at every1 and wish i had their skin

[QUOTE=LOOLOOFOO]Hi just thought it would be interesting to see what is the 1 thing that has helped their acne the most, thought it wud be interesting to see which products are working. I had success with Dianette, until like a fool I stopped taking it.

what about you guys?[/QUOTE]

Accutane was the best product i have ever used. But, my acne came back 4 months after I got done w/ my course. The acne came back as mild though, so i use b5 and phisoderm now and my face has never been better!

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