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Hey everyone......
Aug 15, 2003
so, ive been reading this message board for the past 2 years and thought it was finally time i posted some stuff. i have had persistent acne for the past few years and for a while my skin was doing "ok". then about a month or 2 ago i got this huge pimple on my chin and it hurt so bad. then like the next day i woke up and had like 10 of them all in the same spot, no joke. it felt like there were pimples on top of pimples and i could barely open my mouth to eat because it hurt so bad. then i got a ton of them on my forehead. i guess they are cystic acne. i dont know, its nothing i have ever gotten before. so i went to the dermatoligist last month and he gave me erythmyocin(250mg 3x a day) and retina (.025. told me to put the retina on at night and 10%benzoyl peroxide in the morning. i told him it would work because i have taken these medications before and it did absolutely nothing. of course he didnt listen. so a week later i was really depressed and called the derm. a nice lady called me back and we spoke for a while. i made an appointment with the other derm. in the office. when she saw my face she agreed that what he prescribed to me will probably not work. she asked if i would consider accutane and i told her i have been reading about it for a long time and would definatly try it. she said she could guarantee that by the time i am done with my 5 month course that i will not have acne. i told her i was concerned with the initial breakout and everything and she told me that she starts her patients out on a small dosage and they do not experience the horrible breakout. so anyways, i got on birth control and had my blood tests done. i plan on starting the accutane in 2 weeks. i am glad i made the decision to take it bacause i have continued taking the erythmyocin pills along with the retina and bp and my skin has not showed any improvement whatsoever. i cant wait.

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