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[QUOTE=acutaneworries;3466984]Hello everyone
MY son started taking Acutane 9 days ago. I have to be honest and say that I really do not like the side effects that I am seeing so far. He is suffering from alot of back pain and his face is extrememly dry and red . I am using Advil for the pain. For the dryness a friend of mine made a mixture of Shea butter, gylcerine oil and witch hazel. Finally his face is looking a little more moisturized. My son has found this to be a relief. I am hopeing that the pain will go away soon. All of these side effects have made him miss school and 4 of his baseball practices. Does anyone know how long these side effects go on??[/QUOTE]
I dont know for sure...what the time frame is for the side effects...but I do know that most people start to see results around the 4th month of treatment.
I would talk to your sons dermatlogist, and see what they say. If they have any intensions of upping the dosage (mg) ... Ive heard and researched that everytime the dosage is increased, the side effects will worsen for the first couple weeks/months that your on the new dosage.
I would definitely consult with your sons dermatologist...they can give you a more accurate time frame that you can expect your son to have side effects.

Also...I just wanted to add...Being a 24 year old and having had acne for the past 12/13 years...I want to stress how important it is that (even through the worse side effects) your very supportive of your sons decision to go through with Accutane. I know that having my mom, and friends support....makes a huge difference. Acne is such a difficult skin disease to live with...its embarassing and can really damage your self confidence...and if he's taking the initial steps to get help...he will need your support. What seems like a small deal to someone without acne...its MUCH MUCH larger to someone with acne...
Just wanted to throw that in. Tell your son that we all wish him the best of luck!! Looks like he's going through it about the same pace that I am! 9 days and counting...

Keep your fingers crossed!

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