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[QUOTE=kristea25;3484055]Highhopes11-After reading your message I felt like I have been going through the similiar situation. I am 25 and have been suffering with acne for quite some time. I always thought about accutane but heard all the horror stories so i never went through with it. I always figured that my face wasn't too bad and that i would eventually out grow it. Well...needless to say I don't think it's going anywhere and I am tired of hiding my face with makeup and feeling self-conscience so i finally made the plunge and will be starting accutane next month! :)[/QUOTE]

:DYAY!! Good for you! It was a decision that I certainly didnt take lightly. I went to two dermatologist before it was recommended to me, even though my doctor had recommended it over a year ago!
Im almost done my first month of pills...I have my next Derm appointment on Monday...and Im looking forward to starting my second month! The only side effects Ive gotten so far is a bad rash on the top of both my hands, and very dry skin. Chapped lips...but not too bad, and the occasional breakout, but it seems to go away overnight.
Good luck to you! I hope that you get the results you are looking for....Cheers to both of us for taking the plunge!

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