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I was finally ablt to clear my hormonal cystic acne by using Evening Primrose Oil. I had been using minocycline with success, but it caused gastritis----so I thought I'd give EPO a shot. It works! Two months and all clear.
Girl cat..did the evening primrose oil help the gastritis? My digestion has been terrible lately and the acidophilus doesn't seem to be helping at all, which is odd. Hmm I'll have to research it. Thanks!
B-5 or pantothenic acid, can be bought at GNC in high dosage which is what is needed for severe acne. For women, any oils with omega 3, 6 or 9 (or all) can help regulate hormones. Flax seed oil, evening primrose oil - I take both, and 4 - 6 pantothenic acid caps a day. But what has really cleared my acne up - spironolactone, one month in and acne is almost gone and no more cysts.
Ask your Dr. This stuff is great for women, however men will not benefit.
Good luck

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