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Yaz and acne
Mar 9, 2008
Just wondering with all of you who have been on yaz...can your acne get worse before it gets better? How many months does it take to improve your skin? And finally, does it help with the very painful, hormonal, un pop-able but very annoying breakouts?? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Re: Yaz and acne
Mar 14, 2008
Hi there,
I had pretty mild acne for years and tended to make it worse by picking at it. The first month I went on Yaz I did notice a lot more breakouts in areas I never got them before (chin/forehead), but now it's been four months and my skin is virtually clear! Also, the new initial breakouts the first month were never painful cyst-types, just small and annoying more than anything. My doc told me to wait until after 3 months before deciding how effective it was, and she was right on target. Good luck to you, hope that helps!
Re: Yaz and acne
Apr 2, 2008
just to prepare yourself because no matter what they say it will always get worse before it gets better......i have been to four different doctors about my skin.....and thats the only they seem to agree on......i am on yaz and its not helping starting to wonder if i have ingrown hair that is causing this???? its a new idea, im just starting to research.....but good luck to all :-)
Re: Yaz and acne
Apr 3, 2008
My 15 year old daughter has just been put on Yaz for her Acne. She has been on it for three weeks and I can honestly say her acne looks worse. I read everywhere that its time frame is three months, but she is just more frustrated and depressed. I hope it works for her.

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