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hello everyone - i posted this in the depression section... and i wanted to also post here to get more responses and more advice:

im a 23 yr old female and for the past year or more I've been really depressed with my skin..

i have had acne since i was in highschool - 15 yrs old. and each year its been getting worse. I have old acne marks/scars that dont seem to fade or go away. its not as bad is it sounds, i guess i just think about it too much. i've been treated with all types of medications, laser treatments, micro-dermabrasions... NOTHING seems to help or make it go away..

i apply lemon juice, baking soda masks, i tried this potato thing i heard that worked, egg whites, aloe vera, you name it- i bought it or tried it!!

my mom is 50 and still gets acne, so im going to have it for the rest of my life which is horrible.. i have no choice but to deal with it but it makes me very sad...

i have to wear makeup all day everday... i dont wear my hair up, i hate going out in the sunlight and when i do, i wear those huge sunglasses that take up half my face.. its horrible! i just want to live my life without worrying about my face but its hard.. i just cant do it no matter how much i try.

i realize that life's too short and there's other things to worry about, and other people have it worse, but i just want an answer... a solution... on how to make life fun?!!

i wont go out if i have a blemish, and i rather sit alone at home and watch tv, then go out with friends at times.. its pretty pathetic! i just dont know what to do anymore..

i just want nice smooth skin and life would be perfect... i hate bright lights, and going out in the daytime.. whats wrong with me?!!! i dont know what to do anymore, this is taking control of my life!! .. i use to never think or worry about this when i was in high school, i dont know why its taking control over everything now... maybe because society thinks you should be perfect???

anyone have any words of encouragement or advice?? anything would help

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