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I am still on my search for clear skin. I have had more moderate acne for about 1 year now, the worst being last October when both cheeks had many dark red spots and several whiteheads.

Here is my skin now:

- General oily complexion, if I look closely at my forehead in the middle of the day I can see the tiny beads of oil on the pores.

- After a shower, my acne areas become very dark and whiteheads look very raw. Basically I need about 20 minutes of lying down before I can go out and face the world. It's quite saddening actually.

- My acne is hormonal and related to genetics. My dad had acne, my older brother had a couple mild bouts of it on his forehead but nothing real bad, and my little brother who is 16 is getting persistant acne already but he is more bumpy and less zitty.

- I have tried retin-a, doxycyclin, amoxycylin, cleocin pledgets, benzoil peroxide, tee tree oil, masks, proactiv, carb free,mucous free diets and I'm sure I'm missing a handful of others. It seems like I need to give things a long try to see what works, but I cannot even remember in my past how bad my acne was and whether something worked or not.

Recently when I was at my general family doctor he gave me some BP face wash samples and a prescription of clyndamicin pledgets which contain like 50% alcohol in them. I don't like the fact that these are so alcoholic because I can't even apply them in the morning if I am about to go out and face the world because it makes all my spots look 10 times worse until like 20 minutes later. But I am determined to give this simple whipe here whipe there regimen for at least 3 weeks or so.

I have also been prescribed Minocyclin in the past but didn't want to take it (I have the full bottle in my cupboard), and almost took accutane but was scared to start it. (I got blood taken and everything)

Current Regimen:
- AM: Shower, wash face with Tee Tree Oil wash, dry. Wash face with cleocin T clyndamicin wipe. Maybe apply some salycilic acid or BP or some concealer.

- PM: Pretty much the same thing.

Please help me out if you can. Anything you can tell me. Please PM me if you would like maybe I can give you more info. I am tired of acne controlling my life. I feel like I have very little confidence in myself left. I just want to be clear.

I hope people reply ...

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